Panama 2015 Trade Union and Social Alternative Summit

For an end to imperialism and capitalism, long live socialist and revolutionary united solidarity in our Americas!

The Committee for a Worker’s International (CWI/ CIT), which has sections in more that 46 countries around the world and an active presence of revolutionary socialist organizations in Latin America, including in Brazil, Chile. Bolivia and Venezuela, sends greetings to the Panama 2015 Trade Union and Social Alternative Summit. The Summit has been promoted by the ALBA movement and FSM Panama, along with other revolutionary and progressive organizations, as an alternative space to the Summit of the Americas, that will be carried out at the same time in Panama City.

We greet the comrades from the Venezuelan National Front of Struggle of the Working Class who will be participating in the Alternative Summit. This front represents the unity in action of trade unions and grassroots workers that come from different political organizations in the country, included in this is our sister section Socialismo Revolucionario who are also present in the Alternative Summit in Panama.

The Alternative Summit is taking place in a crucial moment of the development of class struggle in the world, above all in the context of Latin America and United States imperialism, which is expressed in political interference in the political process in Venezuela at the moment. We reject such interference and join with the global voices that have rejected Obama’s decree about Venezuela that open the possibilities of intervention in the country.

In this context we express solidarity and support the demands put forward by the Trade Union and Social Alternative Summit:

1. An end to the blockade of Cuba.

2. Support for the political initiatives of independence and self-determination for the people of Puerto Rico.

3. Solidarity with the families of the victims of the US imperialist invasion of Panama on the 20th of December 1989.

4. Solidarity with the people and workers of Venezuela against the imperialist interference of the US in the Bolivarian Process.

5. We support the universal right to social security, trade union liberty and autonomy, for the mechanism of regional integration to come from the grassroots and in the interest of the majority and support the defense of and promotion of human rights.

Furthermore we support the following and believe they should be considered in the agenda for debate at the Alternative Summit.

6. Support and solidarity for the initiatives that come out of the Alternative Summit that are orientated towards a deepening of the struggle under an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and socialist revolutionary perspective.

7. For a federation of socialist nations of the Americas.

8. Support and solidarity with the people of Haiti and for the expulsion of the imperialist and capitalist transnational military intervention that continues in this oppressed nation.

9. Support and solidarity with the first peoples of our America that struggle for their right to self-determination and respect for their human rights.

10. Support and solidarity for peace in Colombia to put an end to the armed conflict that has stricken the country for more than five decades. For a genuine peace process with the democratic involvement of workers and the poor from all communities.

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