Iraq: 15 February – Chile – Thousands on anti-war protest in front of Presidential palace

In Santiago, Chile, about 1,500 people participated in a demonstration against the war called by Plataforma por la Paz – Platform for Peace. This is an alliance of various groups – particularly the Communist Party, Socialist Party, Party for Democracy, the Radical Social Democratic Party and the Humanist Party. ATTAC also had a separate mobilisation for the demonstration. Various other smaller left organisations also participated in the march. The protest took place in front of the Presidential Palace where a declaration by the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galleano was read out and numerous North American flags were burnt.

15 February. No to war in Iraq. cwi reports from around the world. Chile.

Thousands on anti-war protest in front of Presidential palace

The main emphasis of the main parties present was to put pressure on Lagos, the president of Chile, to put pressure on the UN to avert a war. The idea of ending the system which gives rise to wars is a long way from the ideas supported by these parties. Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI Chile) has now established contact with some organisations with the idea of forming an anti-war and anti-capitalist front.

We sold our paper on the demonstration and distributed leaflets against the war that also called for a struggle for socialism, which nobody else put forward. The national TV channel (Channel 7), showed Socialismo Revolucionario leaflets, which included the demand for socialism, and the logo of the CWI, were also featured in the news reports. We met some young people interested in socialist ideas who want to be involved in more activity and we are forming an anti-war and anti-capitalist committee to plan further activities.

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