Iraq: 15 February – Portugal – Biggest demonstration since 1974 revolution

Lisbon saw one of biggest demos since the 1974 revolution (which overthrew the fascist regime), when more the 100,000 protesters took to the take the streets against the war on Iraq.

15 February. No to war in Iraq. cwi reports from around the world. Portugal.

Biggest demonstration since 1974 revolution

The city of Porto saw a demo of 10,000, Coimbra saw 5,000, and Evora and others cities also had protests against the war for oil.

The streets of Lisbon were packet with trade unions, Left parties, religious associations, students and youth.

There was a big participation from young people. The leadership of the social democratic Partido Socialist (PS) tried to demobilize the participation of PS youth in the demos however, the mood against the war is so huge that a day before the demo, last Friday, the National Commission of the PS changed its position and allowed party members to go on demos.

Alternativa Socialista (CWI in Portugal) distributed a statement against war, along with the help of sympathetic students.

In that statement Alternativa Socialista proposed that the unions, Left parties and student and youth organisations organize protests Day X.

Quoting the Nobel Prize winner José Saramgo, a writer, and others, Alternativa Socialista declared that capitalism and imperialism are the reasons for hunger, misery and unemployment. To end once this once and for all we need a new world, a socialist world.

Alternativa Socialista is planning organise a public meeting next week to discuss what is to be done after these excellent demonstrations.

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