Iraq: 27 September global protests against occupation

Athens rally hears support for imprisoned Irish activists

Dozens of demonstrations took place across the world last weekend to protest against the imperialist occupation of Iraq. One of the largest was in Britain, which saw around 50,000 people march through central London in opposition to the occupation and to the government of Tony Blair. We will carry full reports of the London protest later this week (pictures below). cwi online

27 September global protests against occupation


About 2,000 people took part in the rally against the occupation of Iraq and in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people, on Saturday 27 September, in Athens. The demonstrators marched to the American and Israeli embassies to protest.

Before the start of the rally from Syntagma Square, there was an open call from the platform reminding those present that socialist MP Joe Higgins and

Councillor Clare Daly are both in jail, because they refused to betray the workers of Dublin who are fighting against the bin tax. Everybody was asked to sign a petition supporting their immediate release.


2,000 demonstrate in Brussels

Last Saturday 2,000 demonstrated in an anti-war demo in Belgium. The demonstration was organised by the national anti-war committee, which includes several NGO’s, the two main unions, people linked to the social democrats and the Greens. This committee had mobilised poorly. They started the demonstration at a little square in Brussels, which was difficult to find for most demonstrators. They didn’t even print any posters, but only a web version of a poster asking demonstrators to print it out themselves. This was a serious limitation for the mobilisation. We have noticed that the occupation of Iraq is an issue that is discussed amongst students in schools, but the lack of mobilisation however the demo was not able to tap into this mood entirely and so it was limited in size.

 International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and LSP/MAS (Belgian affiliate of the CWI) campaigned for the demo. At the start of the new school year we organised several meeting on the new campaign of ISR based on three issues: anti-racism, anti-militarism and anti-capitalism. We mobilised for the demo, last Saturday, as a first step towards a bigger mobilisation that is planned for 25 October at Shape, the military headquarters of the NATO, which is based near the city of Mons.

At the demo over a 100 ISR and LSP/MAS comrades intervened to organise a lively contingent which was a pole of attraction. We collected 253 Euro fighting fund and sold 65 papers. A few dozen contacts were made to build ISR.


There were about 400 people on the demonstration, mainly from Left organisation. SAV members sold papers.

Holger, Berlin

Rally in Trafalgar Square, London, following the demonstration. Photo: Paul Matteson


Part of the International Socialist Resistance contingent on the London protest. Photo: Alison Hill

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