Brazil: Support the Plinio de Arruda Sampaio campaign!

A socialist candidate for the Brazilian presidential elections

Below, we publish an appeal from PSOL (Party of Socialism and Freedom) in Brazil for support for the campaign of Plinio de Arruda Sampaio for the Presidential elections, which take place on 3 October. Liberdade Socialismo e Revolução (LSR), the CWI’s Brazilian section, participates in PSOL, and is supporting Plinio’s campaign

The elections in Brazil are of concern for socialists everywhere in the world. In solidarity with the poor and the exploited Brazilian masses, we support the candidate of the PSOL (Party for Socialism and Freedom) in the next Brazilian presidential elections, Plinio de Arruda Sampaio. Since the resistance against the military dictatorship, until the campaign for agrarian reform, Plinio has been on the front line of all emancipatory struggles of the Brazilian people. Commitment to the liberation of the poor and intransigent opposition to the established order are key components of his political profile. Unlike so many of his former comrades from the PT (Workers Party), he never reconciled himself with capitalism: for him, this intrinsically perverse system is responsible for brutal social inequality and terrifying ecological disaster.

Unlike the three main candidates in the Brazilian elections, Plinio raises the historical banner of the Brazilian labour movement; of the peasants, the workers, the women, black people, the poor and the oppressed: for radical agrarian reform, the suspension of the payment of the foreign debt, a substantial reduction in working hours without loss of pay, and an end to gender and racial discrimination. He is the only candidate who proposes both a socialist and an ecological programme, in radical opposition to the compromises and capitulations of social-liberalism.

In spite of his age (80 years), Plinio is not a man of the past, but one that plants the seeds of the future.

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