Ireland: School student victimised for protesting cuts and fees

Solidarity needed!

Shane Donnelly, a 17 year old school student (a member of the Socialist Party – CWI Ireland) from Clondalkin in Dublin, led a walkout against the budget attacks in education and the rise in college fees. Around 100 students from 3 schools in the area walked out of school and staged a protest outside Minister of State John Curran TD’s constituency office. As a result of the courageous stand Shane took he is now facing expulsion, pending a meeting with the board of management.

The Socialist Party and Clondalkin school students are asking for messages of protest to be sent. These messages will be sent to the school and board of management which is due to meet tomorrow, Friday 10th December.

Please send your messages to and send a copy to

You can also contact the school on 00353 1 457 4837

Below is a sample letter.

Sample letter:

Dear Mr Clarke,

I was shocked to hear of the attempt to victimise peaceful student protestors, in particular Shane Donnelly who I believe is facing expulsion, for protesting against the attacks on education contained in the recent budget.

I believe that the attempts to victimise these students for engaging in a walkout sets a dangerous precedent. Such draconian measures will be used against other sections of students and indeed members of staff who are fighting for their rights or engaging in legitimate peaceful protest.

I am writing to demand that no disciplinary action is taken against these students, who were simply engaged in peaceful protest. Any attempt to punish them is simply an attempt to effectively criminalise protest among school students and intimidate others from standing up for their rights. Any punishment will be vigorously opposed by myself and others in Ireland and internationally.

Yours faithfully,


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