Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa’s world school of brutality

Tamil Solidarity exposes the arrogant way Rajapaksa answers the UN report

The CWI supports the struggle of Tamil Solidarity for the rights of all workers and oppressed people in Sri Lanka. In a recent article Manny Thain, British national secretary of Tamil Solidarity writes: "The Sri Lankan regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa has responded in a typically arrogant way to the UN report into the massacre of tens of thousands of Tamil-speaking people in 2009. Not only does it reject any criticism, it is actually holding an international seminar on fighting insurgency. In fact, it boasts that it is a new model!"

Read the full Article on Tamil Solidarty’s website

On 18 May, Martin Powell-Davis, member of the the national executive of the National Union of Teachers (Britain), pledged his support for the struggle of Tamil-speaking people and agreed to raise the issue among trade unionists. To read or see his speech, made at a demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London, in rememberance of the slaughter of Tamils by the Sri Lankan army one year ago, see Tamil Solidarity’s website.

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