Hong Kong: Protest against Kazakhstan massacre

More international solidarity and support

On Wednesday 21 December legislator ’Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung of the League of Social Democrats and supporters of Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) protested at the Kazakhstan Consulate in Hong Kong. This followed similar protests in Berlin, London, Brussels, Dublin, Stockholm, Vienna and other cities against the atrocities being committed by the Nazarbayev dictatorship. Protesters held placards with slogans in Chinese and English, "Beijing 1989, Kazakhstan 2011 – Down with dictatorship" and "Solidarity with oil workers in Kazakhstan".

The Consul General, Nurzhan Abdymomunov, met a delegation who handed over a protest letter in support of the striking oil workers and the innocent victims of mass shootings in Zhanaozen. Mr Abdymomunov (far right in picture) claimed we had been misled, and that the security forces had acted in self defence. Leung Kwok-hung told him firmly, "You have your story, but we have our own sources in Kazakhstan and we don’t believe you." The Consul General gave the delegation an official statement dated 20 December, which claims "only" ten fatalities are confirmed and then details the current state of emergency in force in Zhanaozen, which "prohibits strikes… prohibits the holding of meetings and rallies…" and also, "prohibits the use of copiers, radio and broadcasting equipment…"

The Hong Kong protesters vowed to exert pressure upon the Chinese companies which are big investors in the Western Kazakhstan oil sector.

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