Solidarity: Global days of protest to #ResistTrump

Protest around the world on Trump’s inauguration, January 20 and 21

Below we publish a joint call to action by Socialist Alternative in the US, the Committee for a Workers’ International, Socialist Students in the US and Britain, the Sindicato de Estudiantes (Students Union) in Spain and CEDEP (Campaign in defence of public education) in Mexico. We urge all CWI sections, members and sympathisers to act on this crucial appeal. We will post regular updates on this campaign.


The election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States represents an unprecedented danger to workers, young people and the oppressed, not only the US but around the world. A ruthless billionaire businessman himself, Trump promises to carry out racist and sexist social policies aimed at women, people of color, immigrants and Muslims. Trump is preparing escalating attacks on the environment, unions and workers’ rights, and vital social services like public education.

His erratic and nationalist “America First” foreign policy will further destabilize global politics and risks provoking more bloody catastrophes, and is encouraging far-right forces around the world. International solidarity and coordinated global action by workers and youth will be a vital ingredient to combat Trump’s divisive racism and nationalism. We must demonstrate mass global resistance from day one, starting on Trump’s Inauguration Day.

On January 20 and 21, we are joining with others to call for millions across the United States and worldwide to come out in mass demonstrations and student strikes to begin building a powerful grassroots resistance against Trump. The protests on Inauguration Day could be the biggest demonstrations against the Inauguration of a US president in history and the student strikes could be the biggest since the Vietnam war.

While the biggest fightback will come from workers, women, immigrants and young people in the United States, Trump’s threat is global. His election provided fresh confidence to far-right demagogues everywhere, and his attacks on Muslims and refugees from war-torn areas like Syria will encourage similar persecution around the world. Trump’s promise of further deregulation and attacks on workers are part of an international campaign of the ruling class for further austerity. But if mass protests can inflict a defeat of Trump in the US, it will inspire workers around the globe to fight back.

Socialist Alternative in the US, the Committee for a Workers’ International worldwide, Socialist Students in the US and Britain, the Sindicato de Estudiantes (Students Union) in Spain and CEDEP (Campaign in defence of public education) in Mexico are joining together to call for Global Days of Action on January 20th and 21st to #ResistTrump in cities across the world. Worldwide demonstrations are an important factor in resisting Trump in the US but also show the necessity of international solidarity among working people and youth across the world in fighting back against the austerity and attacks of the global elite. Please look to join a demonstration in your city!

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