Free Joe and Clare: Scottish trade unionists and socialists demand the release of Joe Higgins and Clare Daly

Protest statement sent by Scottish trade unionists and socialists to Fingal County Council in Ireland, on 21 September 2003.

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate release of Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins and Councillor Clare Daly who have been jailed for one month by the High Court in Ireland. Their only crime has been to stand by the people they represent and oppose the bin charges so unfairly levied upon the people.

  • Free Joe Higgins and Clare Daly
  • Scrap the bin charges
  • End double taxation

PCS (Public and Commercial services)

Janice Godrich – National President

 Alan Brown National Executice Committee

G Thompson – Assistant branch secretary

M McCann – Chair Lanarkshire PCS,

Thomas Currie

Steve Waz – shop steward Edinburgh


Ronnie Stevenson – Convenor of shop stewards Glasgow City social services department

Brian Smith – shop steward Glasgow City

Margaret Bean, Education officer North Glasgow hospitals

Ian Leech – West Dumbartonshire Council branch

E Wardrope – shop steward Glasgow

Mary Rolis

Gerry McGinley – Stirling Council Scottish chair voluntary sector committee

Donnie Nicolson

Marlyn Tweedie

Jim McFarlane – Chair Dundee City branch

Jim Main – shop steward Glasgow City branch

Ann Lynch

Arthur Nicholl Assistant Secretary Dundee City branch

M Mcintosh

Colin Torbett – Chair North Ayrshire branch

Caroline Palitti

John lamm

RMT (Rail Maritime and Transport)

Dougie Kinnear – President of Scottish regional council

G Martin shop steward

Graham Cambell

John Milligan national executive,

Amicus (Engineering union)

Iain Hogg

Andrew Gray

Willie Black – shop steward Edinbugh

John Starrs -shop steward Glasgow

AUT (Association of University Teachers)

Gregor Gall – University of Stirling branch executive

Tricia McCafferty,

CWU (Communication Workers Union)

Derek Durkin – Edinburgh No 2 branch secretary

Gary Clark – minority grade branch secretary Edinburgh

Ian Johnston

Fraser Coats – shop steward Airdrie,

EIS (Educational Institute of Scotland)

Ray Gunnion – Chair Motherwell EIS

Allan Armstrong – Executive council

Donald Anderson

EIS – CLA ( College Lectures Association)

James O’ Donovan – Scottish President

Pam Currie

Malcolm Wilson National executive

S Marriot,

FBU (Fire Brigades Union)

James Scott – Glasgow Govan firestation

D McKintosh

NUJ (National Union of Journalists)

Ken Ferguson – Scottish Executive Committee


Richard Whyte – General Executive Council

Keith Baldasarra – Glasgow City Council No 2 branch

K Stewart shop steward

Keir McKechnie

N Bean

Neil Lennon

UNIFI (Bank workers)

Mike Dyer – shop steward Glasgow

Sean Scott – Irvine,

Trades Councils

Rab Paterson – Midlothian trades council chair


All trade union positions are in a personal capacity


Scottish Socialist Party

Tommy Sheridam MSP

Richie Venton – national industrial organiser

John Lanigan

Ally Hendry

Alice Sheridan

Graham Mciver South of Scotland organiser

International Socialists (Committee for a workers International)

Executive Committee members

Harvey Duke

Philip Stott

Sinead Daly

Alan Manley

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September 2003