Iraq: Update on workers’ conditions and labour protests

Compiled by Hugh Caffrey. New windows.

California teachers oppose USA union involvement in CIA fronts (21 March 2004)

The US AFL-CIO trade union federation has for months been assisting the CIA in channelling funds to build “partnership” between unions and bosses in Iraq (as previously reported on this website.) Teachers in California oppose this outrageous treachery – their resolution text online.

Indian workers used as slaves in Iraq (7 May 2004)

US occupation lures workers from India and elsewhere with the promise of a small fortune working in Iraq. When these workers arrive, they are used as virtual slaves; cleaning toilets for the occupation troops on half the pay they were promised.

Iraqis furious over repeated U.S. attacks on mosques

Away from the policies of pre-dawn terrifying sweeps, systematic and abhorrent prisoner abuse and "imprecise" bombings of civilian Iraqi homes, the U.S. occupation troops have recently embarked on a policy of storming and attacking mosques, making Iraqis even more bewildered and angry.

Tough tactics build strong unions (21/4/04)

The Southern Oil Company workers’ union won a number of important victories in the last few months. The union has won wages three times that of the CPA minimum and defeated attempts to import labour. This article gives some information on their struggle though the history of the Iraqi labour movement is sketchy.

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